Dream Believe Do Repeat! Nothing more accurately describes his philosophy. Born in December 1982. Tomasz Kucharski from an early age follows the words spoken over a quarter of a century later by Sean Combs. Over 15 years of involvement in music, experiencing it in every way possible has resulted in officially releasing four albums (‘Pomysł Goni Pomysł’, ’Chcę, Więc Potrafię’, ‘Talent’ and ‘III’) and hundreds of productions for artists from all around the world. The multi platinum producer, in love with New York City, composer, songwritter, multi-instrumentalist and business man working with the broad genre of Urban, Modern Pop and Club music. A fanatic of sound, music hardware, constantly looking for inspiration in the surrounding world! Currently, along with his producers group – Rafpak, heavily focuses on music production, directed mainly for foreign markets (U.S., France, Germany) on which he is is increasingly successful. His new album (first international) called ‘#ProducersDiary’ is going to be released in first quarter of 2016 and you will hear there surprising, melancholical, atmospheric, extremely melodic, embellished with a tint of emotions future R&B tracks.

Producers Credits: Skyzoo, Freck Billionaire, Big Omeezy, Work Dirty, Decadez, Sonny, Wordsmith, Jayden Felder, Johnny P, Northstar, Freeman (IAM), Bel-Mondo, Pih, Borixon, Sns, Natalia Lesz, Ada Szulc & Adamus, Monikah