An album that no one is waiting for, and which nobody expected


Teka (10)

An album that no one is waiting for, and which nobody expected (well, maybe expect closest family and friends) ! Tom ” Teka ” Kucharski author of two solo albums , “Chce Więc Potrafię” and “Talent”, waking often much controversy will come back before the holidays with a new solo album. The material contains twelve new songs kept in the genre of urban music. The album will be released by two companies, one belonging to the contractor ( Diginoiz ) and Hashtag Records. More details soon!

Teka about the album : I will not make any self-advertising here, the audience will evaluate this album. I can only say that I gave this project all I could, I created something different than before, and I hope to receive positive feedback. 12 tracks produced, recorded , mixed and mastered by me, some interesting and extremely talented guests and surprising …… but more on that soon!

#ProducersDiary 12 | Roland Aira Prototypes Sound Test with Teka


Hello there! First time in Europe and probably the first time in the world – I’m proud to present the newest beat making video introducing the Roland Aira. I get the prototypes from Roland only for 1,5 day, so it was a very short time to prepare everything but I hope You will like my work! I’ve made 2 beats in this video, first is an R&B beat, the second one is a Trap beat (from 5:18) to show You all how the Aira is suited for production.

#ProducersDiary 11 | Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synth Beatmaking Test


Hey there! This time I’m going to review the newest analog synthesizer from Waldorf – the Pulse 2. As usual it will be a beatmaking video with 90% sounds from Pulse 2. It is a little bit hard to build a whole track using only one analog synthesizer, but I’ll try to do my best and make an R&B/Hip Hop style track.